Daily Archives: March 29, 2010

Kate Mackenzie

A look at a few of the oil majors’ recent remarks suggests they very much favour a business-as-usual scenario in their own long-term outlooks, rather than one that foresees either a sharp change in oil pricing or strong action on climate change. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

On FT Energy Source:

- Just when it looked safe to talk carbon offsets… Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Proponents of the Clean Development Mechanism – the UN’s scheme for approving projects in the developing world to generate carbon offsets for use by developed countries covered by the Kyoto protocol – have some more bad news to contend with, as two more offset project verifiers have been suspended. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Surveys suggest that even in the good times, few were enthusiastic about cap-and-trade beyond economic, financial trading and policy wonk circles. And a crucial voting constituency those groups do not make.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Remember the excitement (and controversy) about new drilling for oil off the Falklands Islands by four UK companies?

Well, some initial exploratory drilling results are in, and they don’t sound especially promising. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

New attacks on BP’s oil sands assessment (FT)

Independent review clears Pachauri over payments (FT)

Sinopec urges curbs on ‘corrupt’ foreigners (FT)

Falklands oil fever cools as Desire Petroleum well flops (Sunday Times)

British Gas jumps the gun with smart meters for 1m families (The Times)

Indonesia to fail to meet crude oil production targets (Asia Pulse/Rigzone) Read more