Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Sinopec to buy more upstream assets (FT)

Mexico’s Pemex wrestles with oil decline (FT)

World Bank urges Washington to back S. African coal loan (FT)

Opec looks to oil in $70-$80 range (FT)

China’s drought raises coal prices, lowers hydropower (Bloomberg)

Arctic states meet to discuss fossil fuel exploration (Dow Jones)

Petrobras in talks for additional $10bn loan with China (Dow Jones)

Senators form bipartisan climate bill (FT)

Move to update Libya’s oil and gas laws (FT)

Nuclear delays fuel talk of Areva chief’s exit (FT)

New port to give Inner Mongolia coal route to see (Argus)

Shell raises nat gas stake with S. Texas lease (Houston Chronicle)

Sinopec enters Angola with $2.5bn oil deal (WSJ)

BP closing Maryland solar manufacturing plant (Washington Post)

The climate change campaign to move Britain forward an hour (Guardian)

Brussels awaits Estonia’s Naps decision (Argus)

Toyota to licence hybrid system to Mazda (FT)

Oil’s ‘dual personality’ prompts Opec, IEF to target volatility (Bloomberg)

Two carbon traders ejected from HSBC index (NY Times)

Afren to mop up in Nigeria as majors leave (FT)

Big investments boost UK’s green sector (FT)

Desire suffers setback in Falklands (FT)