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Kate Mackenzie

How does public opinion about climate science affect investment in low carbon equities? HSBC charts low carbon equities’ performance relative to world markets since the IPCC’s landmark fourth assessment, published during 2007: [chart] Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Anyone hoping the EIA’s revision to its natural gas production survey methodology would be bullish for prices – or bearish for the future of shale gas – was very likely disappointed. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

A group of geologists have criticised the work of two petroleum engineers pointing out a technical limitation that could render carbon capture and storage impossible on a large scale.  Read more

Sheila McNulty

From New Orleans: The oil already has brought a sickening odour here – a two hour drive from the Gulf. Louisiana’s governor, Bobby Jindal, is seeking federal assistance for small businesses and the commercial and recreational fishing industries affected by the spill.  Read more

Sheila McNulty

The fallout from the BP/Transocean accident is already spreading through the oil industry, with the Obama administration ordering immediate inspections of all deepwater drilling rigs and platforms in the Gulf of Mexico to determine if risks of any further spills are on the horizon. And ExxonMobil said there could be more to come. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Lindsay Graham: Why I might filibuster my own climate bill

- Energy risk ranks no.3 for corporate worries

- Carbon capture and storage economic costs, revisited

- Spain pricks solar bubble as Greek crisis looms

- Oil-rich Venezuela’s economic crisis

- Curious $7.6bn swansong for Eon chief

- Offshore oil safety awards cancelled

- Assessing gasoline demand

- Oil shale ‘not ready for prime time’ Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Essar Energy cuts asking price for IPO – FT

ExxonMobil profits up 38% in first quarter – FT

Greater Sunrise blocked by East Timor – FT

Massachusetts judge throws out Cape Wind suit – Argus

China, EU set up climate mechanism – China Daily

Chinese council predicts tight coal supply to end-2010 – Argus [And more] Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Obama steps up fight to contain oil spill – Exxon warns on impact of BP spill – Oil disaster spills into political arena – Gulf oil spill may have far-reaching political impact – Spill ‘spreading faster than expected’ – Oil spill’s blow to BP’s image may eclipse out-of-pocket costs [And more] Read more

Carola Hoyos

One of the most important jobs on an oil rig is that of ballast control operator. It is an arguably tedious task in good times. But in bad times, it becomes an extremely challenging exercise of keeping hundreds of men alive and tens of thousands of tonnes of steel, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, upright. This is how it feels…. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

The head of Saudi Aramco, Khalid al-Falih, warns that Saudi Arabia will have to take 3m barrels per day off the global oil market by 2028 if the country’s own domestic energy consumption continues to grow apace. But is that the biggest threat to Saudi oil supplies?  Read more