Kate Mackenzie IEF videos: Everyone likes Opec now, and more

This week’s International Energy Forum in Cancun, Mexico, has marked something of a turning point for multi-lateral sentiment on oil markets.

Despite some grumbling from the US, energy ministers of oil-importing countries were largely supportive of Opec’s recent actions to keep oil prices high enough to ensure investment in future production, despite the difficult history between Opec and consuming nations.  Meanwhile the International Energy Agency’s executive director mused that China’s ascendancy in energy markets would make his organisation less relevant, and said he hoped China would eventually become a member.

Below is Carola Hoyos’ video wrap of the conference – and links to more of the videos produced there, which include some very interesting interviews with key global players.


IEA’s Nobuo Tanaka on the agency’s diminishing relevance

IEF’s Noe van Hulst on the changing sentiment among energy ministers

Opec’s Abdalla Salem el-Badri on how China driving oil prices