Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Macarthur rejects Peabody’s A$3.6bn bid (FT)

Obama offers condolences after coal mine blast (FT)

Deaths at W. Va coal mine raise safety issues (NY Times)

Incomplete EU emissions data show 11.2% (Argus)

EU carbon gains ground, shrugs off fall in emissions (Reuters)

Total faces renewed oil-for-food probe (FT)

Tesoro refinery probe homes in on site of explosion (Bloomberg)

Peak oil man shifts focus to price, demand (Reuters)

Summers makes case for energy reform (FT)

Gazprom to launch Russia’s biggest bond issue (FT)

Delhi to sell 10% stake in Coal India (FT)

Congress to investigate coal mine disaster (The Hill)

California’s cap-and-trade law faces ballot challenge (WSJ)

New evidence claimed against Chevron in Ecuador case (UpstreamOnline)

Desire Petroleum abandons first Falklands well (Reuters)

US raises 2010 oil outlook on economic growth (Bloomberg)

Delicate operation to recover coal carrier leaking oil on reef (Sydney Morning Herald)