Daily Archives: April 8, 2010

Kate Mackenzie

Many major automakers are developing plug-in electric vehicle models, but there are a myriad of challenges faces their widespread take-up: battery prices, performance, charging infrastructure and consumer acceptance, just to name a few. Below are excerpts from an interview conducted with Oliver Hazimeh, of global management firm PRTM’s global e-mobility practice, on these questions.  Read more

Sheila McNulty

This week’s oil spill in the Delta National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana is a much bigger deal than the environmental damage being caused. Coming so soon after the Obama administration’s offshore drilling announcement, the timing could not be worse. Read more

Fiona Harvey

The UK’s hopes of bagging the prize from one of the most prestigious clean tech prizes around have suffered a blow this week.  Read more

Fiona Harvey

Are the carbon markets showing unexpected signs of maturity? Their resilience in the face of a big fall in EU ETS emissions in 2009 will encourage confidence in the trading system – but continuing low prices are undermining the scheme’s overarching goal.  Read more

James Fontanella-Khan

Carbon trading survives key tests (FT)

Female minister over Nigeria oil overhaul (FT) Read more