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Ed Crooks

Lars Josefsson, who this week stepped down as chief executive of Vattenfall, was a pioneer among industry executives – alongside Lord Browne at BP – in taking seriously the threat of climate change. As he steps down from the role, there is a question over how far Vattenfall will remain ahead of the pack, if at all.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

How will Opec respond if crude oil prices remain above $80 a barrel? There are increasing concerns that sustained high prices will damage economic recovery, and Opec itself knows that prices rising too high could damage its own prospects, by leading to a fall in consumption. But the cartel’s latest monthly report out on Wednesday is tight-lipped on the prospect of sustained $80+ prices. Read more

Carola Hoyos

Venezuela under president Hugo Chavez has become the poster child of how to maim a burgeoning oil sector. But Caracas’s latest deal — the Juno 6 field, to be developed by Pdvsa and several Russian partners — has some heavy political firepower behind it and may yet lead to new oil production from Venezuela’s Orinoco Belt. However, there are some rumblings of discontent. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Is what the whole oil industry will make of it. A report in Wednesday’s LA Times highlights this conundrum, that’s been puzzling onlookers since talk began of a gasoline tax being included in the climate bill that Senators Kerry, Graham and Lieberman are expected to introduce next week. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

It’s a phenomenon seen in many western cities, particularly in the past couple of decades as the gentrification of inner city suburbs made them more expensive. But are moves to areas with cheaper housing offset by higher transport costs – long driving commutes necessitated by limited access to public transport and walkable facilities?  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Clash of the ethanol lobbying efforts

- Fracking: just like Coca-Cola…

- Coal ship leaves two-mile scar on Great Barrier Reef

- DoD worries about oil while DOE is complacent

- The Russian oil tanker titan leading Arctic ice-breaking

- All-electric scooter target at China

- The perils and potentials of geoengineering [And more] Read more

Kate Mackenzie

IEA forecasts record demand in 2010 – FT

China raises diesel, gasoline prices by 4.6% – Bloomberg

Australian watchdog OKs Shell/Petrochina bid for Arrow – Reuters

Vattenfall’s new head faces green challenge – FT

Conoco to form UAE alliance to bid for Caspian oil, gas fields – Bloomberg

Tullow reaffirms Uganda crude start-up in 2011 – Argus [And more] Read more