Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

IEA forecasts record demand in 2010 - FT

China raises diesel, gasoline prices by 4.6% – Bloomberg

Senators consider gasoline tax as part of climate bill - LA Times

Exxon chief’s pay falls 16% as earnings plunge - FT

Australian watchdog OKs Shell/Petrochina bid for Arrow - Reuters

Conoco to form UAE alliance to bid for Caspian oil, gas fields - Bloomberg

Vattenfall’s new head faces green challenge - FT

February US coal imports plummet as exports surge - Argus

Feedstock shortage kills off Thai biomass project – Argus

Renewable energy  helps fuel Dow above 11,000 – Greenwire

Senator Menendez says offshore change will lose his climate vote – The Hill

Interior Department to compare US royalties with other countries - The Hill

Tullow reaffirms Uganda crude start-up in 2011 - Argus