Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Police quiz climate change sceptics - FT

BP to press on with Canada oil sands plan - FT

UK inquiry clears climate scientists in email row - Reuters

Global warming graph attacked by study - FT

Stockpiled oil takes traders by surprise - FT

Coal execs pressured to accept climate legislation - The Hill

Opec cuts oil outlook further - The National

Let managers manage, BP tells dissidents - FT

Gazprom upbeat on demand despite rival shale gas – Reuters

China’s Sinopec to buy into Brazil oil blocks – Reuters

Arctic drilling research plan unveiled - AP

Oil may chart new high for the year ‘within a week’, NAB says – Bloomberg

New World sees rise in coking coal prices – FT

Australia mulls independently-set renewables prices – Argus

Shell says production shut down at Nigerian EA field – Bloomberg

T Boone Pickens pushes House to support nat gas vehicles - The Hill