Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Brazil sells contract to build Amazon hydroelectric plant - FT

Trafigura lifts veil to reveal $1bn profit - FT

CFTC to review carbon, gas contracts - Argus

CNPC to pay Venezuela $900m to tap Orinoco Belt - Bloomberg

Japan wants hybrids to reach 50% by 2020 - Autoblog Green

Kerry hints at changes in climate bill – Reuters

‘Modest’ hit from Waxman-Markey bill forecast for households - The Hill

Tullow’s latest Ghanaian exploration unsuccessful - Argus

Desire Petroleum plans more Falklands drilling - Telegraph

BarCap forecasts further strength in carbon - Argus

BoA Merrill Lynch bearish on US wind demand - Reuters

Bigger threat of hurricanes for US east coast – Bloomberg

Indian government plans to ‘subsidise’ imported LNG – Economic Times

Nigeria backs expansion of Bonny LNG plant - Argus

LNG demand will double by 2020: Shell - Bloomberg

Statoil remains committed to oil sands - NY Times

Shell, Exxon selling Anasuria North Sea stakes – UpstreamOnline

Enel green IPO seen as markets indicator – WSJ