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Sheila McNulty

The tragic accident in the Gulf of Mexico this week, with 11 missing since the explosion and resulting fire on the Transocean rig Tuesday night, is a reminder to the industry about how dangerous the work it does really is. But so far the environmental impact has been minor, and it’s too early to say whether the accident will lead to a rolling back of access to new offshore areas, as some in the industry fear will now happen.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

It could be a bad combination. Olivier Jakob of Petromatrix points out that one of the key factors keeping investors in crude futures – namely, rising prices – could turn out to be a problem if a couple of other recent themes continue, if demand is affected.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Some recent themes in oil futures markets have returned rather sooner than some expected. Brent is once again trading at a premium to WTI, when the opposite is normally the case. And contango is again strengthening, not long after talk that markets could actually slip into backwardation. Read more

Fiona Harvey

Asked whether they would like the government to invest more in clean energy and the creation of new green jobs, about two thirds of the British public say yes, according to a YouGov poll commissioned by Greenpeace.

This could be taken as a strong indication that the parties vying to form the next UK government, in the general election scheduled for May 6, should step up their efforts to woo voters on green grounds.

However, as with a lot of pre-electoral polling, it is hard to resist thinking that some people are just saying what they think they ought to say. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Monday will indeed be the day that the Kerry-Graham-Leiberman Senate bill on climate change will be unveiled, according to several reports. The bill will no longer contain a gasoline tax, as it was too unpopular with other politicians. But will it all be enough to get to 60 votes? Read more

UK natural gas prices have traditionally followed oil prices due to the practice of linking long-term contracts to crude in Europe. Analysts, however, are getting excited because of a nascent disconnect in that relationship, one which could be about to make their lives a little more interesting. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

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Kate Mackenzie

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