Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Workers missing after Gulf of Mexico rig sinks - FT

Essar Energy sets IPO price - FT

Kerry-Graham-Leiberman climate compromise emerges after year of bargaining – Bloomberg

US crude build-up creates oil price inversion - FT

Doubt cast over UK coal-fired plant after pollution ruling - FT

Reid tight-lipped about immigration vs climate bills - The Hill

US notes foreign role in Iran energy - WSJ

US coal generation jumps in February - Argus

Long-term gas contracts key: Shell - Dow Jones

Gazprom seals US LNG deal - Risk.net

Biofuels cause four times as much emissions – Telegraph

Dragon says Iran crude deal is short term - Argus

Poland’s CO2 plan approved - EU Observer

Massey board defends Don Blankenship - West Virginia Gazette