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Fiona Harvey

It is always disappointing for British people to find out that other countries manage their public projects even more poorly than the UK does.

From the Millennium Dome to the Wembley pitch and the National Health Service computer system, moaning about how badly the UK does when it comes to large public infrastructural works is a national pastime.

So it was axiomatic among the country’s renewable energy enthusiasts that Britain had one of the worst systems in the world for granting – or more often, not granting – planning permission to wind farms.

But that turns out to be far from the case: rather, the UK is among the better countries in Europe for gaining a planning decision quickly.

Fiona Harvey

Stand by for the next stage of the environmental protests against the exploitation of the oil sands. On Wednesday April 28, green activists will target the annual general meeting of the Royal Bank of Scotland, protesting against its high levels of lending to fossil fuel companies, particularly the oil and gas industry.

The bank, which had to be bailed out by the UK taxpayer during the financial crisis, has links to companies investing in tar sands, and to some mining companies.

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