Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Climate advocates pressure Senate to act on imperiled bill - The Hill

Renewable portfolio standard eyed at Senate climate washout looms - Argus

Russia offers Kiev nuclear power deal - FT

Gas prices may force shale drilling lower – Bloomberg

Opec would act if oil went above $100, says Kuwait – Reuters

GoM oil spill spreads as wells leak - Reuters

Indonesia to cut oil use, develop geothermal energy - Xinhua

Saudi Arabia’s gasoline imports stay high -Argus

Big oil braced for safety overhaul after GoM accident - Telegraph

Iran says Total, Shell can be replaced in major projects – Dow Jones

UK Coal plans land sale as losses deepen - FT

Chloride spurns move by Emerson - FT

Mexico to launch energy-saving programme - Xinhua

Chinese Yangzhou Coal’s first-half profit doubles – Argus

Indonesia’s Adaro to boost coal output 10% - Argus

Taga set for period of retrenchment - FT