Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Oil spill overshadows BP’s results; BP in race to limit slick damage - FT

Federal investigators, Congress step up probe of rig explosion – Houston Chronicle

BP opposed new safety rules - WSJ

Kiev sparks fury by ratifying Russia deal - FT

Russia-Norway deal to open Barents Sea to exploration - FT

Recession lowers cost of EU emissions - FT

Battle over climate change, immigration may split Dems – The Hill

Senate GHG bill heads to EPA for analysis – Argus

CFTC votes for more oversight of carbon markets - Reuters

Saudis express fear over exporting oil - FT

Shell drafted Tony Blair’s Gadaffi letter - The Times

Iran adds three crude supertankers, matching 2008 peak – Bloomberg

Oil volatility sinks to three-year low – Bloomberg

France’s EDF joins South Stream gas pipeline project - Argus

Russia invites Statoil as oil field partner - Argus

Emissions rules may cause UK power plants to close early, says industry – Bloomberg

Surgut confident of better relations with Mol - FT

Newfield to move spending from oil to gas – Bloomberg