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Carola Hoyos

One of the most important jobs on an oil rig is that of ballast control operator. It is an arguably tedious task in good times. But in bad times, it becomes an extremely challenging exercise of keeping hundreds of men alive and tens of thousands of tonnes of steel, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, upright. This is how it feels…. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

The head of Saudi Aramco, Khalid al-Falih, warns that Saudi Arabia will have to take 3m barrels per day off the global oil market by 2028 if the country’s own domestic energy consumption continues to grow apace. But is that the biggest threat to Saudi oil supplies?  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

The leak from site of the deadly Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion is five times bigger than estimated – 5,000 barrels a day, not 1,000 as previously thought. Meanwhile the US Coast Guard is likely to burn off some of the surface slick on Thursday, after carrying out a test burn on Wednesday with BP. Read more

Carola Hoyos

Angola overtook Saudi Arabia as China’s largest crude oil supplier in March, a month in which China’s imports rose to their second highest level on record, according to Petroleum Intelligence Weekly. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

The US’s first offshore wind project, Cape Wind, has been approved for installation off the Cape Cod coast — although with several revisions, including reducing the number of turbines from 170 to 130. And it only took nine years. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

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Kate Mackenzie

US Coast Guard finds new leak in undersea well – Reuters

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