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FT Energy Source

Energy Source is taking a break today and will return on Tuesday.  Read more

FT Energy Source

Live video feed and updates on the top kill/junk shot procedures.  Read more

In China’s endless drive to find new energy sources, the big overseas oil deals have won most of the deadlines, but the news today that PetroChina is ramping up investment in coal-bed methane is a reminder of the potential boom in natural gas in China.

According to Reuters, PetroChina said today that it would spend more than $1.5bn over the next three years to develop 4.5 billion cubic metres of production capacity of coal-bed methane – almost double the country’s entire capacity at the moment. Read more

FT Energy Source

FT Energy Source will be providing updates on BP’s attempt to stem the flow of oil from its leaking Gulf of Mexico well.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

BP’s chief operating officer Doug Suttles made two appearances on CNN last night. In the first he confirmed that the drilling had re-started, and that the suspension actually began late on Wednesday night.

This quickly drew criticism from some journalists covering the story.

In the second interview, when asked by CNN presenter John King whether the company should have told people, Suttles said:

I’ve had a number of people mention that to me and clearly we need to probably even more to tell people what’s occurring.

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Kate Mackenzie

Using the new official estimate of 12,000 to 19,000 barrels per day, for 37 days, this shows the range of Deepwater Horizon against the largest ocean spills since 1972 — and Exxon Valdez:  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Has development of the technologies for extraction raced ahead of those needed to avert and respond to accidents? Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- ‘I probably should apologise to folks that we haven’t been giving more data on that’

- Energy and climate policy’s ‘modest stimulative impact’ in the first decade Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Obama halts deepwater Gulf drilling – FT

- BP sees leak estimates jump – FT

- BP to add junk to top kill – UpstreamOnline

- Captain’s account raises questions over delays – FT

- Gulf of Mexico faces bad storm season – FT

- Offshore moratorium won’t affect Gulf wells already producing – McClatchy

- Mystery over crew’s failure to react – FT Read more

Sheila McNulty

To the oil industry, the Deepwater Horizon disaster is a challenge to overcome. The industry’s confidence comes largely from its history of overcoming technical challenges.  Read more