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Kate Mackenzie

The question of what the Deepwater Horizon accident will mean for the future of oil extraction can probably be answered depending on one’s views. Either way, the disaster highlights the increasing intensity with which oil is being sought.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

US carbon emissions fell 7 per cent in 2009 — the biggest fall since the records begin in 1949, according to the EIA.

The recession played a big role, but so did the rise of natural gas and, perhaps most importantly, the decline of coal-fired generation.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

China’s premier Wen Jiabao delivered a big speech on Wednesday urging all levels of government to work with an ‘iron hand’ to improve energy efficiency. But so far, the country’s showing is not good — despite the praise heaped on China in the lead up to Copenhagen.  Read more

WTI front-end futures have experienced some extreme price volatility during the past two weeks due to distortions stemming from full-to-the-brim storage facilities at Cushing Oklahoma. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- On the difficulty of naming an oil spill

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- With gas prices low, a return to oil for small explorers

- A bell tolls for GoM

- Oil’s hidden costs visible, but will it matter?

- The energy predicament from an oil company’s perspective Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- BP brings in untried dome to halt gush – FT

- Transocean warns of fallout from spill

- BP spill raises odds against US climate bill – FT

- BP Gulf oil spill suits might be combined – Bloomberg

- CO2 emissions down 7% in 2009, says EIA – Argus

- Pelosi ‘wants oil spill liability bill on the floor quickly’ – The Hill [And more] Read more