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FT Energy Source

By Ben Gill

The only clear victor in Thursday’s UK general election was the Green party, securing its first ever seat in the constituency of Brighton Pavilion on the south coast, while the three main parties were all left disappointed to some degree.

Green party leader and Member of the Eurpean Parliament Caroline Lucas received 31.3% of the vote, ahead of Labour, second on 28.9% and the Conservatives third with 23.7%. Jubilant scenes outside Brighton Centre hall early on Friday morning marked the historic victory, overturning a 5,000 Labour majority with the assistance of an army of about 200 volunteers.

So what now for Britain’s first-ever Green MP and what implications on British politics? Read more

FT Energy Source

Swift action has already began reversal of the damage, with some scientists projecting a return to 1950′s global ozone levels by 1980. So, if we mobilised globally to solve an anthropogenic environmental threat then, why so much difficulty in tackling climate change today? Read more

Ed Crooks

The fury levelled against BP in the US over its Gulf of Mexico oil spill is, of course, principally provoked by the scale of the leak. But at times there seems to be an extra edge to the attacks because BP is a foreign company. Meanwhile, BP’s joint venture in Russia is clearly keen to avoid being seen as unpatriotic there. Read more

Ed Crooks

Piecing together the causes of the Deepwater Horizon disaster will take months. Exactly what happened on the night of April 20 may never be known: some of the key equipment may never be recovered from the sea bed, and the 11 men who died in the blast appear to have been the ones closest to the explosion, because they were working on the drill floor when it happened. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

There are now at least three lengthy accounts circulating of that crucial meeting between key heads of state on the last official day of the Copenhagen climate conference. Putting them reveals a sorry tale of frayed tempers and misunderstandings. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

China’s backslide on its energy intensity targets might have come at a bad time, as the country prepares to host climate talks with ministers from 25 countries on Friday.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

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Kate Mackenzie

- Dome to stem BP oil leak moves into position – FT

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