Daily Archives: May 24, 2010

Kate Mackenzie

The CFTC is in an interesting position now that the Dodd bill looks set to become law. The CFTC — or some of its commissioners, at least — is already considering imposing position limits on energy futures positions held by financial market players, much to the chagrin of some energy traders.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Comments by US secretary of the interior Ken Salazar that the administration would “push [BP] out of the way” if necessary have been widely reported as a threat to BP.

Such a statement makes some sense — coming amid accusations that its response has been inadequate, the administration naturally wants to be seen as having its ‘boot on BP’s throat’ to quote from an earlier Salazar comment.

But how realistic is the threat to “push them out of the way”? Read more

Kate Mackenzie

The FT reports that oil output in Iran, one of the world’s top producers and holder of its third-biggest reserves is on the decline, with capacity falling from about 4.2m barrels/day in 2005 to 3.8m or 3.9m b/d today.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Eyewitnesses on the rig explosion

- Lessons from the Gulf oil spill

- BP still using dispersant

- What caused the Deepwater Horizon disaster?

- The intractibility of the built environment [And more] Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Obama launches commission into oil spill – Reuters

- Officials visit the Gulf as frustration on spills spreads – NY Times

- US was not ready for major oil spill – WSJ

- Sanctions hit Iranian oil production – FT

- Sinochem buys stake in Brazil oil field – FT

- Tensions escalate over North Sea access – FT [And more] Read more