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Kate Mackenzie

BP cut the riser pipe at about 3pm BST (10am EDT, 9am CDT). A still image from the video shows a clean looking cut; at least where the pipe is not obscured by the oil flow.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

After the latest set back to BP’s efforts to contain the flow of oil, the challenge of making a clean cut — and what the next options might involve.  Read more

Fiona Harvey

If last year’s climate summit in Copenhagen ended in a bang – and not in a good way – the resumption of the talks has gone ahead with barely a whimper. Outside the closed world of the negotiations, however, things have been moving at a rapid pace: the BP oil spill, the rise of climate scepticism, and the Eurozone crisis are all affecting public interest in climate. Read more

The first of many to come? The outlook would suggest so, after Fitch cut BP’s credit rating in response to its Deepwater spill dilemmas on Thursday — watch negative. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

BP’s ‘ethical ranking’ has taken a big tumble, according to an ethical reputation analyst. But it’s still not the worst-ranked among its peers.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Will BP, with its battered share price and reputation, become a genuine takeover target any time soon? There are plenty of reasons why not.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- No-one thought about how 5,000 feet would be more complicated than 500

- 195 Californias, 74 Texases, or offshore oil Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- BP ‘not prepared’ for deep-water spill – FT

- BP faces public relations disaster - FT

- Industry can cut accident risks, says BP chief – FT

- Talk of takeover swirls around BP - FT

- Protestors gather at BP gas stations - NY Times

- Obama says he ‘will find votes’ for climate bill - The Hill Read more