Kate Mackenzie Who’s less popular than BP right now?

BP’s chief executive told the FT it was an “an entirely fair criticism” to say the company had not been fully prepared for a deep-water oil leak.

Unsurprisingly, the company’s ‘ethical ranking’ has taken a big tumble in the past month, according to Covalence, which tracks corporate reputation:

That takes BP from 7th place to 26th place among the 31 energy sector peers ranked by Covalence; and makes it 558th of 581 across all the companies ranked. The company gives BP an ‘E’ (the lowest grade) for reputation, and an ‘e’ (again, the lowest grade) for ‘risk’, with a downward trend.

So another five companies still come out lower, amongst BP’s sector.

And who’s right at the bottom?

That would be Halliburton, at 580th out of 581 companies, across all sectors.