Kate Mackenzie The Obama speech: Will he or won’t he mention climate and carbon pricing?

Will Obama mention pricing carbon in his first Oval Office speech tonight?

There are plenty of reasons why not: the administration needs to win over more of the public on its response to the Gulf disaster, and a climate bill is still politically very difficult. Cap and trade itself, meanwhile, isn’t likely to be faring much better in the public opinion now than it ever has.

The New York Times reported at the weekend that even though Obama mentioned climate last week, his policy people are actually only working on clean energy measures (that is, green subsidies and new regulations, but not a price on carbon). And polling carried out in late May suggests that there is more appetite for clean energy measures, but as Ezra Klein points out, it does not mention climate. In the past day however both  Politico and the FT are both reporting sources saying that climate could indeed be in the mix.