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The BP debacle in the Gulf of Mexico has thrown a shadow over the global oil industry that, strangely, has not reached as far as Brazil. Nobody knows how big the pre-salt fields are. But a reasonable guess from what has been found so far is 50bn to 100bn barrels or more. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

No doubt about it: China’s national oil companies (NOCs) have been making some very big foreign acquisitions in the past 18 months. In fact, Wood Mackenzie says China actually accounted for a decent portion of total world M&A last year, across all sectors. Read more

Bank of America Merrill Lynch reportedly told traders to stop entering any new oil trades with BP that extend beyond June 2011 — although most of BP’s big counterparties don’t seem to be so concerned. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

He mentioned the climate bill and the need to move away from ever-more-scarce oil, but for all the talk of energy ‘transitions’, Barack Obama’s Oval Office speech was too short on specifics for some. Some are pointing out parallels with the approach he took on healthcare; others are unimpressed with the failure to mention ‘climate change’ or more actual measures that would be taken to achieve the momentous transition his speech alluded to.
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Kate Mackenzie

- Oil spill becoming one of the year’s biggest stories

- The cost of saving energy

- To the moon, Obama!

- Obama goes small

- The moral imperative of the oil spill: drive less

- Is the sovereign debt crisis weighing on oil production? [And more] Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Obama picks official to lead drilling watchdog reform – FT

- White House: BP has ‘plenty of cash’ – The Hill

- Fitch sharply lowers BP’s rating – FT

- Congress attacks oil groups’ spill plans – FT

- NOAA lacks resources to track spill – Houston Chronicle

- EPA analysis: Senate climate bill cost to households $79 – $146 yearly – The Hill [And more] Read more

Sheila McNulty

After listening to President Obama come up with no detailed plan Tuesday night, it seems he has missed his opportunity.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

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