Kate Mackenzie The industry versus ‘Gasland’

It’s on.

Here is Josh Fox, director of the film ‘Gasland’, a blistering attack on US shale gas, on The Daily Show:

And here is an excerpt from the ongoing anti-Gasland campaign from Energy In Depth, an oil and gas industry-affiliated group:

“I’m sorry,” Josh Fox once told a New York City magazine, “but art is more important than politics. … Politics is people lying to you and simplifying everything; art is about contradictions.” And so it is with GasLand: politics at its worst, art at its most contrived, and contradictions of fact found around every bend of the river. Against that backdrop, we attempt below to identify and correct some of the most egregious inaccuracies upon which the film is based (all quotes are from Josh Fox, unless otherwise noted):

The list is very long. EID also distributed on Tuesday by email an update (which we can’t find on its website) picking out what it says are continued inaccuracies in the small edits that were done on Gasland before it ran on HBO this week.

Claims and counterclaim about the horizontal hydraulic fracturing used to produce gas from the vast US shale reserves look set to continue, only in a more mainstream context than before (see also Vanity Fair’s much-linked to article).

Hmm. Perhaps someone should look into it?

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