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The set of small oil and gas advisory groups bought up by investment banks in recent years continue to do well for their owners.

BP’s hire of Standard Chartered to help sell $10-$20bn of upstream assets has much to do with Martin Lovegrove, the veteran oil and gas banker whose boutique, Harrison Lovegrove was purchased by StanChart in 2007. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Democratic representative Ed Markey’s latest move will fuel (or perhaps ultimately kill off) some of the more persistent rumours and fears about the subsea situation at the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

China, which worries about missing its energy intensity targets, has likely been boosting its energy intensity with economic stimulus measures. Will the withdrawal of those measures have a beneficial effect on energy consumption?
 Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Markey has more well questions

- Deep concerns over economy and energy

- A smart grid plan derailed by scepticism

- More renters: bad for energy efficiency

- Does GoM spill = higher food prices and more?

- How much oil will we need?

- Just like Apple. Except with cars Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Claiming weigh risks of BP fund – FT

- BP claimants offered fast route to payout – FT

- BP working to reinstall cap – NOLA.com

- Spain pressed over solar tariff cuts – FT

- Interior eyes more flexible moratorium – The Hill

- Czechs say Russian spies targeting energy sector – Reuters [And more] Read more