Daily Archives: July 5, 2010

Kate Mackenzie

An interesting report from Saudi Arabia: the country’s king reportedly said at the weekend that he had ordered oil exploration cease in order to keep reserves for future generations. However, the King’s comments perhaps shouldn’t be taken too literally; an oil ministry official told Dow Jones it was not an outright ban as such. Moreover, with the world’s biggest easily-accessible reserves of oil, searching for more isn’t Saudi Arabia’s big focus focus right now. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

A new report shows just how important greenhouse gas emissions from China and India in the worldwide context. The two countries alone managed to offset the developed world’s recession-induced fall in carbon dioxide emissions last year. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Somebody wants European refining assets

- Could crystals sponge up CO2?

- Searching for oil clean-up jobs

- US oil industry ramps up for a new fight: subsidies

- ‘The implication is that spills in US waters are going away’ [And more] Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- BP braces for a shake-up at the top – FT

- Saudi King: Halt exploration to save wealth – Dow Jones

- Fairfield eyes $1bn market value for IPO – FT

- Obama commits nearly $2bn to solar companies – Reuters

- Singh’s resolve tested by fuel strike – Bloomberg

- India, China counteract global CO2 reduction – Argus [And more] Read more