Daily Archives: July 9, 2010

Greenpeace, working in partnership with the German Aerospace centre(DLR), released a report detailing an “energy revolution” which it believes demonstrates that an 80 per cent cut in the emissions of Europe-27 (27 member countries of the European Union) countries is not only plausible, but it will also make Europe a role model for the rest of the world. Read more

- BP will intercept leaking well in 7-10 days – Argus

- US fights reversal of offshore drilling ban – FT

- Total moves into Canada’s oil sands – FT

- New company plans to drill for Falklands oil – FT

- Chesapeake Energy Seeks Asian Investors for U.S. Gas Projects – WSJ

- BP to Resist Early Notice Of Asset Sales – WSJ [And more] Read more