Kate Mackenzie Biofuels, bigger than Brazil

Say what you like about biofuels; they are certainly big. Growth in biofuels supply in 2011 will be 211,000 barrels per day, according to the IEA — a similar increase as is expected from Brazilian crude oil, which is expected to show the first significant yields from its massive deepwater pre-salt reserves next year.

Even against former Soviet Union production growth, it’s rather strong:

Of course, with non-Opec conventional crude production in overall decline, it’s perhaps not too hard to stand out in this field.

But in a move that will clarify the role of biofuels in non-Opec supply, the IEA is now reporting biofuels production separately to crude oil in its production statistics for the US and Brazil.

This, the agency says, will affect about 1.1m barrels per day of output, based on 2009 production levels.