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Kate Mackenzie

Today is my last day on Energy Source for a while. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

The idea that the great leaps made by IT and networking technologies in the past decade can be easily transferred to the looming energy challenge is misleading. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Peak oil is hardly shunned by the financial world; just Google ‘peak oil funds’ to see how many investment managers are basing their strategy around this. Oil market traders can’t ignore the question of peaking oil production either, because the supply/demand balance is intrinsically bound up with oil prices. Read more

Introducing the Macondo ‘Costometer’ from Citigroup. Unfortunately you can’t manipulate the data, but it could be used as the basis for a spreadsheet. Have fun! Read more

Kate Mackenzie

We knew that Shell was moving towards gas accounting for half of its upstream production by 2012, but it appears that, on a reserves basis, it’s almost there. And some of the other supermajors aren’t far behind, according to research from Wood Mackenzie. Read more

Sheila McNulty

What the oil supermajor’s relatively small but significant investment in biofuels says about its belief in the future of fossil fuels. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Uh-oh. After a 24-hour delay at the request of the US administration, BP finally began to test the leaking well by closing up its new cap. But then…

In preparation for commencement of the well integrity test, the middle ram has been closed and a leak has been detected in the choke line of the 3 ram stack. It has been isolated and will be repaired prior to starting the test.

That’s from BP’s subsea update, though the material at that link will be is overwritten.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Modest relief on energy costs

- Letting manufacturers opt-in to cap-and-trade could increase emissions

- On the block: Assets BP could sell

- Looking ahead to the GoM snap back

- Walking: not just for cities [And more] Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Leak hampers BP effort to shut off well – NY Times

- BP moves ahead with critical test – FT

- EU ministers toughen stance on emissions – FT

- US moves to block new BP oil leases – FT

- Industry groups target utility-focused climate plan – The Hill

- Cap-and-trade won’t pass, says Rockefeller – Bloomberg

- Wildlife charity set to benefit from oil capture – FT

- Scientists say Gulf oxygen depletion problem is real – WSJ [And more] Read more

In this week’s podcast: We discuss what impact delaying fitting a replacement cap on the leaking well will have on BP; we take a look at the fallout from ‘climategate’ which we discussed in last week’s show; we take a look at what effect carbon credits are having on European energy and industrial companies; we take a look at the case for investing in ‘smart grids’. Read more