Kate Mackenzie Another day, another delay

Uh-oh. After a 24-hour delay at the request of the US administration, BP finally began to test the leaking well by closing up its new cap. But then…

In preparation for commencement of the well integrity test, the middle ram has been closed and a leak has been detected in the choke line of the 3 ram stack. It has been isolated and will be repaired prior to starting the test.

That’s from BP’s subsea update, though the material at that link will be overwritten as time goes on.

The Washington Post is rather sceptical about BP’s comments that it will simply fix the leak and carry on:

But video streams from the seafloor showed a chaotic plume of oil and gas continuing to surge from one of the outlets on the 75-ton cap installed earlier this week. It was unclear late Wednesday whether the leak would be a momentary hitch in the much-anticipated “integrity test” on the well, or if it would put the operation in grave peril.

Here is that oil plume, from the Skandi ROV 1 video feed:

Investors don’t seem too worried, however, with shares down about 1.5 per cent in early trade.