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The altered image, © BP p.l.c.

Just when it seemed BP had reversed some of the PR damages of the spill, it appears to have hit trouble yet again. Read more

Fiona Harvey

Ten exciting new initiatives! Those are the results from the first “Clean Energy Ministerial” summit held in Washington DC on Monday and Tuesday.

The initiatives, we are told, will do all of the following: cut energy waste; help deploy smart grid, electric vehicle, and carbon capture technologies; support renewable energy markets; expand access to clean energy resources and jobs; and support women pursuing careers in clean energy.

If they are all successful, they will “eliminate the need to build more than 500 mid-sized power plants worldwide in the next 20 years”. Read more

Speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival, of which Shell is a sponsor, Joe Leimkuhler and John Hollowell of Shell Upstream Americas explained the engineering behind deep-sea oil drilling.

In this informative and clear presentation (watch video below: provided courtesy of Aspen Ideas Festival) Mr. Leimkuhler details best off-shore drilling practices in the industry. He highlights, in a side by side comparison with Shell’s own design, how BP’s Macondo well lacked crucial fail-safe safety mechanisms, which according to him, comprise Shell’s global standards in offshore drilling. Read more

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