Daily Archives: July 29, 2010

- State of the climate: hottest decade on record

- A push for action on renewables

- The emergence of localism

- Deepwater Oil Spill – the hundredth day  Read more

- Conoco to sell stake in Russia’s Lukoil - FT

- BP: removed storm plug from relief well at spill site - Dow Jones/Rigzone Read more

In this week’s podcast: We look at the swift departure of Tony Hayward and ask what his replacement Bob Dudley has to offer. We also turn our attention to Turkey and the news from the International Energy Agency that the state-owned Turkish refiner, Tupras, has stepped in to supply Iran refined petroleum after several other international companies cut off their supplies to the country. And lastly we take a look at what’s going on with Ofgen and its surprising turnaround on the rules surrounding post-privatisation regulation; making it easier for energy companies to raise the money needed to modernise the electricity grid. Read more