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Sheila McNulty

New York state is making inroads against hydraulic fracturing, the process that has enabled the big natural gas boom in the US in recent years. This is something environmentalists have been pushing for, and gaining traction with.  Read more

Masa Serdarevic

From FT’s Lex column today:

As BP nears its goal of sealing the rogue oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the stage for the Macondo calamity could soon shift from the seabed to the courtroom. BP owns 65 per cent of the well, but has been paying 100 per cent of the cost of the response so far – $4bn in clean-up costs and $277m in claims, and counting. That has left its partners in the Macondo venture – Anadarko, with 25 per cent, and Mitsui, with 10 per cent – out of the limelight, and off the financial hook. Even as estimates of the scale of the spill are tempered, the battle over who pays for it may be about to heat up.  Read more

Masa Serdarevic

- So long, new deep-water drilling regulations

- The politics of dispersants

- BP’s deep-water oil spill kill : “You want to make sure it’s really dead, dead, dead”

- Mexican oil industry on the defensive

- Biofuels industry’s hazy environmental footprint

- BP offers cheaper gas to appease furious consumers

- Colorado candidate warns of bicycle plot that could “could threaten our personal freedoms” Read more

Masa Serdarevic

- Obama says gulf spill near end – FT

- Oil falls in New York after US gasoline stockpiles unexpectedly gained – Bloomberg

- Gulf clean-up process to take months – FT

- China may launch environmental tax trial – Reuters

- Nomura to boost commodity trading in Japan fivefold – Bloomberg

- First Quantum escalates Congo dispute – FT

- Reliance to buy 60 per cent stake in Carrizo’s shale asset for $392m – Bloomberg

- New Zealand’s Mighty River Power offers carbon tender – Reuters Read more