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Masa Serdarevic

The smart electricity market in the European Union is expected to expand rapidly in coming years, according to a report by Greenbang, an independent sustainability research house, which sees the meter market hitting between $24bn and $26bn by 2020

Government initiatives, growing demand for energy, and rising oil prices are all expected to result in between 133m to 145m new smart meters being installed by the end of the decade. Recently the EU set the target of installing smart meters in 80 per cent of households by 2020.

The report stated:

The top countries for this market will probably be those that haven’t yet implemented smart metering on any meaningful scale: Germany, the UK and Poland. France and Spain are also set to make a significant impact in the next few years, with announced projects already in the
early stages.

It is estimated that only about 53m smart meters are currently installed across Europe. Read more

Masa Serdarevic

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Masa Serdarevic

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