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Masa Serdarevic

The Guardian has a interesting article on how the UK coalition government is quietly watering down its commitment to the tough emissions standards its politicians championed whilst in opposition.

Notably, it’s dropping the so-called “environmental performance standard” (EPS) from its first energy bill, expected later this year. The introduction of EPS was intended to incentivise power companies to use more efficient technology in building new power stations and restrict greenhouse emissions from coal and gas plants.

The omission raises the possibilty that dirty coal-power plants, such as the one in Kingsnorthin Kent, will go ahead in spite of strong opposition to the project by David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg whilst Labour was in power.

The move is likely to draw further criticism from enviromentalists against the coalition government’s energy policy, which supports nuclear power.

Please go to the Guardian website for the full article.

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Monday:

- US cancels some of Brazil’s debt in exchange for forest protection

- In weather chaos, a case for global warming

- Think OPEC exports won’t decline? You’re living in a dreamworld

- Surreal glories of a salt flat

Masa Serdarevic

- Vedanta finalises plans over Cairn India – FT

- Hedge funds cut bets on rising gas by 23 per cent as prices fall – Bloomberg

- Obama swims in gulf, says beaches open for business – Reuters

- Stocks and oil moving in lockstep – WSJ

- A battle in mining country pits coal against wind – NYT

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