Daily Archives: August 25, 2010

Masa Serdarevic

Nothing like the words “Arctic” and “oil drilling” to get the environmental campaigners excited.

Add banks to the mix, and you have the perfect mix for a modern day witch-hunt.

The latest targets are Cairn Energy and the Royal Bank of Scotland. In a joint press release, PLATFORM, Friends of the Earth Scotland and the World Development Movement on Tuesday said they “condemn [the] link between public money and Cairn’s Arctic drilling – RBS provided loan to oil company one month before it acquired rig for arctic drilling.” Read more

Sheila McNulty

Testimony this week in the US Coast Guard and Bureau for Ocean Energy Management investigation has often been tedious and repetitive. Lawyers, representing more than a dozen clients, are asking the same questions, leading to those overseeing the proceedings to jump in repeatedly, trying to speed things up. But these are top lawyers, used to getting their way, and so the investigators relent, and the testimony drones on. That said, some nuggets have cropped up. So for those who can withstand the testimony, making it through the day with frequent trips to the back of the room for the hot coffee on offer, the hearing is worth attending. Read more

Masa Serdarevic

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Masa Serdarevic

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