Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

Sheila McNulty

Two US oil and natural gas industry task forces have come up with more recommendations to the Department of Interior in a bid to have a say on how best practices are achieved following the Macondo well disaster. The question is whether the recommendations will do the job.  Read more

Sylvia Pfeifer

BP will publish its report into the Gulf of Mexico spill on Wednesday. It should make for some very interesting reading. Read more

FT Energy Source

The fuel’s price could rise enough to make it more expensive than gas.  Read more

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Tuesday:
- Taming the Arctic: How to govern the spoils of climate change
- Turkey joins Europe, electrically speaking
- Asian shale investors want more
- Mexican drug cartels crippling Pemex operations in basin
- But there’s booty in a Salvadoran oil drum Read more

Masa Serdarevic

- Oil tycoon says PWC caved to pressure – WSJ
- Suzlon turns to emerging markets growth – FT
- Transneft risks downgrade on sale as bonds decline – Bloomberg
- BHP needs to strike balance on Potash price – FT
- UN agency says Iran is impeding inspections – WSJ
- Brazil stakes future on $75bn Petrobras offer – FT
- New Delhi looks to energy stake sales – FT
- Brazil extends sovereignty for oil drilling before UN approval – Bloomberg
- German groups agree €30bn nuclear deal – FT
- Merkel confident on nuclear plan despite opposition – Reuters Read more