Masa Serdarevic BP oil spill report: Greenpeace responds

It just wouldn’t be a proper oil-related disaster if Greenpeace were not involved at every stage of the game.

Responding to BP’s report on the oil spill, Jim Footner, head of its energy campaign, said:

“This report is a sorry catalogue of the gaffes and failures behind the Deepwater Horizon disaster. And it’s highly likely that a truly independent report would be even more damning for BP.

“Worryingly, they’re just weeks away from drilling at similar depths in UK waters. The Government must step in right now and stop this by introducing a moratorium on deep water drilling.

“But the real problem is our addiction to oil, which is pushing companies like BP to put lives and the environment at risk. Governments around the world must now stop the industry recklessly squeezing the last drops of oil from places like the Gulf of Mexico, the Arctic and the tar sands of Canada.

“The age of oil is coming to an end and companies like BP will be left behind unless they begin to adapt now. The time has come to move beyond oil and invest in clean energy.”

The statement is not yet up on the media section of the Greenpeace website.