Masa Serdarevic BP oil spill report: The recommendations

BP’s investigation team includes a series of recommendations based on their key findings. The report notes that ”others in the industry may benefit from consideration of these recommendations as well”.

The recommendations themselves are too technical to go into in detail, but broadly cover “drilling and well operations practice” and as well as “contractor and service provider oversight and assurance”.

 Here are a few that seemed noteworthy:

- Conduct an immediate review of the quality of the services provided by all cementing service providers

- Propose to the American Petroleum Institute the development of a recommended practice for design and testing of foam cement slurries in high-pressure, high-temperature applications

- Strengthen BP’s rig audit process to improve the closure and verification of audit findings and actions across BP-owned and BP-contracted drilling rigs

- Develop an advanced deepwater well control training program that supplements current industry and regulatory training

The list goes on.

We would encourage our more-oil-rig-engineering-savvy readers to read them and use the comment section below this post to let us know what they think. You can find the recommendations section on page 181 of the full report.