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Kiran Stacey

Fifty years after its creation, Opec’s carefully-worded announcements are now pored over like statements from the Kremlin at the height of the Soviet era. Nuanced phrasing and tone are studied for a sense of what member countries might do in terms of production. Read more

China’s aggressive efforts to secure natural resources around the world have sometimes made it an opponent of other importing nations, most recently South Korea. But a shared hunger for commodities can bring countries closer to together too. Read more

FT Energy Source

Elsewhere this Tuesday:
- What will come first, peak resources or peak humans?
- We don’t have the resources to meet unnecessary population growth
- Where is oil production stagnating or declining?
- Be sceptical about natural gas warnings Read more

FT Energy Source

- Saudi reveals large unconventional gas reserves – FT
- Strange length of pipe found in blast remains – WSJ
- BP resumes relief well drilling at Macondo – Argus
- BP poised to recover $20bn of clean-up cash – The Times (£)
- Mining and oil groups scramble to meet bribery laws – FT
- Tullow Oil attracts hedge funds after disclosing Ghana find – The Guardian
- Enbridge’s online crisis response echoes BP’s – Fuel Fix Read more