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How safe are energy companies? And how well prepared are they in case of an emergency?
These questions will take centre stage again today as BP’s outgoing chief executive Tony Hayward appears in front of the UK’s energy select committee. Read more

Kiran Stacey

What can we expect from Tony Hayward’s testimony before the UK parliament’s energy select committee at 3pm today? Read more

FT Energy Source

Elsewhere this Wednesday:
- Oil industry goes after Schwarzenegger
- The problem with Chinese clean air subsidies
- Big birthdays for Opec and Clean Air Act
- Republican ‘climate zombies’ could claim the Senate Read more

FT Energy Source

- BP cited for North Sea safety lapses – FT
- US may sue oil companies over Gulf spill – LA Times
- EPA chief defends Clean Air Act – Argus
- Enbridge allowed to start Midwest oil pipeline by end of week – Bloomberg
- Climategate inquiries ‘flawed’, say sceptics -FT
- Hyundai and Kia plan 2,500 electric vehicles by 2012 – Reuters
- Coal unit rewards Hargreaves – FT Read more