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Petrobras’s IPO just got a little more intriguing. The Brazilian oil giant has announced that it will add another 376m shares to its offering, under an over-allocation option. That could take the IPO to a total of $79bn – three-and-a-half times the world record set by AgBank earlier this year. Read more

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Chris Huhne, the UK’s energy secretary, said yesterday he was worried about the “financing of big renewable projects, particularly big wind farms”, which could hinder the government’s pledge to make sure 15 per cent of the country’s energy comes from renewable sources by 2020. Read more

China is rich in coal-bed methane, a gas that can be used for fuel. But production has not proved easy. This year output of the gas will be less than a quarter of the official target. Read more

We are hearing KNOC and its advisers Merrill Lynch swept the market for a 29.9 per cent stake in Dana Petroleum on Friday morning. The trades haven’t printed yet but they will. Read more

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Elsewhere this Friday
- Could carbon-absorbent foam help solve climate change?
- China and India’s coal challenge
- Small modular nuclear reactor comes one step closer
- Algeria goes unconventional Read more

FT Energy Source

- BP to ease up on oil spill clean-up operation – FT
- Gillard refuses to commit to carbon tax under BHP pressure – The Guardian
- Chinese official admits difficulties in becoming more energy-efficient – NY Times
- NRG to buy Green Mountain Energy – FT
- Opponents seek to block US greenhouse gas rules – Argus
- Aircraft manufacturers propose ‘cash for carbon’ – Reuters
- Huhne worried on wind investment – The Telegraph
- Predators drawn to Canada climate – FT Read more