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It is finally a done deal: Petrobras will sell about $70bn worth of shares in the biggest share issue in corporate history after enthusiastic investors asked for double that amount. Read more

Sheila McNulty

Is oil sands (or tar sands, as environmentalists like to call the fuel from Canada’s tar-like bitumen) really not as bad for the environment as traditional crude oil? Read more

FT Energy Source

- Petrobras offering raises $70bn – FT
- KNOC declares victory in fight for Dana – The Times (£)
- China blocking minerals to Japan, say executives – NY Times
- Solar power subsidy under review – FT
- Carbon scheme is ‘overcomplex’ – FT
- Asia could overtake US on renewables, Congress warned – Reuters
- BP faces tough call on US – FT
- Scientists worry about distribution of BP research funds – LA Times
- Obama pledges post-Copenhagen climate action – Argus
- UK shipping emissions ‘up to six times higher than calculated – The Guardian Read more