Daily Archives: September 27, 2010

Kiran Stacey

A slightly confusing report has just dropped into my inbox from the German consultancy EnergyComment. It carries the provocative title Offshore oil drilling: Public costs and risks are too high and states (underlining the author’s own):
A ban on all new offshore oil drilling is justified as the risks are too high relative to the rewards.  Read more

Sheila McNulty

Brazil’s sugar cane industry has recently been trumpeting that five of its processing mills have been approved by the US government to sell their ethanol in the US. The fact that the mills are bothering to go through the registration process, which includes filling out forms and allowing an engineering review, is significant, and shows renewables are no longer the pet project of many Americans. With the US perhaps distracted by its pressing economic difficulties, producers in other countries have started to get in on the act.

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FT Energy Source

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- Senators aim to keep renewable bill ‘clean’ – Reuters
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