Kiran Stacey Cap-and-trade’s impact on the midterms, Part II

It seems like Rick Boucher is not the only one being forced to fight for his political life over the cap-and-trade bill. Tom Perriello, another Virginia Democrat, is also coming under fire for his support of the bill.

As the LA Times reports today, the bill is becoming a major flashpoint in large swaths of the US, especially the mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

The paper reports:

In much of the nation, “cap and trade” has become a dirty phrase this election season, and the political storm over global warming’s causes and solutions may determine several key races.

For the first time in nearly a decade, not one Republican running for the Senate supports proposals to limit carbon emissions and trade pollution rights. Most openly question the science of global warming or denounce it as a hoax.

But Perriello knew all along this could risk his career. As he told Politico last year:

There’s got to be something more important than getting reelected. If I lose my seat, and that’s the worst that happens, I could live with that.