Daily Archives: November 1, 2010

Fiona Harvey

Ali Naimi, the oil minister of Saudi Arabia, was in mischievous mood on Monday night, positing an oil price of $70 to $90 for the foreseeable future, and suggesting that oil consumers should be happy with such a settlement – because a price of more than $70 was needed to justify investments in renewable energy. Read more

What’s your description of a successful IPO?
Is it one where three quarters of the stock ended up in the hands of retail investors at the bottom end of a lowered price range? Read more

What will the election of Dilma Rousseff, Lula’s anointed successor, as president of Brazil mean for the country’s energy sector? Read more

Kiran Stacey

The FT published a special report on the energy industry today, taking a global look at some of the major issues facing the industry. Here are the links to the web versions of the pieces included:
- Power shifts reflect changed global reality
- Opec: Cartel’s power set to increase as stocks decline
- Big oil: Integrated majors need to reinvent themselves
- Deepwater drilling: BP’s disaster renews focus on inspections
- Climate change policy: Cancun offers slim hopes of progress
- Alternatives: Algae offer double benefit as biofuel and carbon capture
- US power inputs: Usurpers mount challenge to the ascendancy of King Coal
- Nuclear power: New dawn for a former sunset industry
- US policy: A nation in thrall to the power of oil
- Infrastructure: Clever way to cut usage and save money
- Shale gas extraction: Investors aim to profit from US experience
- Renewables: Design of subsidy systems is crucial to their success
- China: Beijing in the running to take crown for wind turbines
- Brazil: Jubilant mood as country taps fresh reserves
- Iraq: Upgrading proven reserves by over 20% is ‘big game changer’ Read more

FT Energy Source

- BG Group confirms liquid gas project – FT
- Hong Kong consortium buys British electricity assets – WSJ (£)
- Japan agrees Vietnam nuclear deal – FT
- Reliance’s profits improve on refining revenue – Argus
- India’s oil demand to jump 40% in ten years, says PM – Economic Times
- Saudi Aramco may raise crude prices to Asia – Bloomberg
- Obama environment agenda under threat from incoming Republicans – The Guardian
- India’s rapid growth lures global investors – FT
- Ministers plan to safeguard gas supply – The Telegraph
- Exxon’s bet on natural gas – NY Times Green blog
- British companies examine BP crisis – The Times (£) Read more