Kiran Stacey FT special report on energy

The FT published a special report on the energy industry today, taking a global look at some of the major issues facing the industry. Here are the links to the web versions of the pieces included:

- Power shifts reflect changed global reality

- Opec: Cartel’s power set to increase as stocks decline

- Big oil: Integrated majors need to reinvent themselves

- Deepwater drilling: BP’s disaster renews focus on inspections

- Climate change policy: Cancun offers slim hopes of progress

- Alternatives: Algae offer double benefit as biofuel and carbon capture

- US power inputs: Usurpers mount challenge to the ascendancy of King Coal

- Nuclear power: New dawn for a former sunset industry

- US policy: A nation in thrall to the power of oil

- Infrastructure: Clever way to cut usage and save money

- Shale gas extraction: Investors aim to profit from US experience

- Renewables: Design of subsidy systems is crucial to their success

- China: Beijing in the running to take crown for wind turbines

- Brazil: Jubilant mood as country taps fresh reserves

- Iraq: Upgrading proven reserves by over 20% is ‘big game changer’