Daily Archives: November 12, 2010

Kiran Stacey

British Gas customers brace yourselves. From December 10 you will have to pay an average of £53 extra a year for gas and £29 extra for electricity.
But given this global gas glut that we keep hearing about, the question is why are prices about to rise? Read more

Sheila McNulty

Apache may have a history of flying under the radar. But its actions over the past six months mean it can no longer do that. Apache’s $11bn buying spree has made it the biggest US independent by production. Read more

Sheila McNulty

While Royal Dutch Shell waits to hear from the US government on whether it will be permitted to drill in Alaska next year, environmentalists are stepping up their campaign for a “no” vote.

The Pew Environment Group is the latest to speak out against drilling in the arctic. It has released the most comprehensive analysis done on the challenges to preventing and containing spills in the area. Highlights include noting that darkness, extreme weather and shifting sea ice could delay efforts to stop an oil blowout in the US Arctic Ocean for six months or more. Read more

FT Energy Source

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