FT Energy Source Energy headlines: BP raises $7bn with asset sale (plus Cancun news, day one)

- Disposal adds $7bn to BP’s oil spill fund – FT

- BP to commission film about oil spill – NY Times

- TNK-BP to unveil oil trading operation – FT

- Madagascar oil explorer moves to junior market – The Times (£)

- Nigerian oil-region fighting challenges president – Bloomberg

- EU energy targets require radical shake-up – FT

- China moving from oil to nuclear and renewables – WSJ

- UK to test smart grids in four areas – The Telegraph

- Carbon-price boost for green energy – FT

- Australia brings forward decision on carbon price – Reuters

Cancun news: day one

- Climate chiefs warn on what Cancun can – FT

- Q&A: What is happening at Cancun? – FT

- Climate talks seek to bridge rich-poor gap – Reuters

- Cancun: Last chance in thew ‘snake pit’ – The Telegraph

- China to take active role at climate talks – China Daily

- Cancun must be about more than climate changeWangari Maathai, The Guardian

- Stop talking and start taxing carbon – Clive Crook, FT